Robin and Makayla having a chat by the water

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Having Fun Changes Lives

Barbie & Ka'marrey sharing a moment

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Mentoring: Small Teachable Moments

Ryan and Tyler discussing the last shot

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Creating Positive Change in Rutland

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Give Hope & Make a Difference

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Inspire. Mentor.
Give Hope.

We strengthen Rutland County through the power of one-on-one mentoring.  Every year, we match hundreds of youth with amazing mentors who use fun, teachable moments to change lives.

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Delivering Real Impact

77% of mentored youth feel like they matter, compared to 56% of Rutland County Youth. 84% of mentored youth are hopeful about their future. Compare that to 948 youth who made suicide plans in Rutland County. That is delivering REAL IMPACT.

Making a Better Future

When we mentor youth, they develop better life skills, increased educational curiosity, and knowledge, attitudes, and skills that make for better team players in the workplace. Mentoring delivers a better future for your area and is a good investment!

Changing Mentor's Lives

As a mentor, you are not only affecting the lives of local youth in a positive way, it also benefits you. It allows you to increase wisdom and gain perspective. It will let you grow your network, Working with youths also keeps you young, and some will actually change your life -- for the better.

Creating Stories Together

Mentoring leads to beautiful stories -- ranging from "change the world" stories, to "personal success" stories, to "makes me feel warm inside" stories. Some youth beat the odds and go to college, others fall in love with the arts or with a trade, and all impact their mentor's life.


Tim & Phil

Phil knew they would be a good match when on their first outing Phil hit a frost heave in his old Jeep and Tim hollared, "Yee-Haw". Through the years they have bonded over their love of automobiles. Tim recently graduated high school and is pursing a college degree in automotive.


Ka'marrey & Barbie

Ka'marrey & Barbie truly embrace our moto—Having Fun Changes Lives. Whether traveling to the Yankee Candle Factory, decorating with the Boo Crew Haunted House, Danc'n in the Streets @ Friday Nights: Downtown Rutland or riding bikes this match is nonstop energy. We are sure you will see them out and about with smiles and giggles!


Kegan & Al

Al and Kegan have bonded over sports and music. "By having a mentor, Kegan has been exposed to so many activities he would not have had otherwise," said Kegan's mom. "Kegan's interest in learning to play a musical instrument is directly due to the influence of his mentor and I could not be more thankful."

Our Efforts Are Evidence-based

Everything we do is evidence-based. While every relationship we facilitate between mentors and the youth they mentor is deeply emotional, at the end of the day, research proves that mentoring is effective. Period.

Average length of match between mentor & youth

4 years

# of people who graduate from high school


# of people who avoid drugs & alcohol addiction


# youth reporting higher level self-esteem


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