The Facts

Graduation Rates

100% of actively mentored youth graduate high school on time. 

But we know that's not the end.  From the moment each match is created, we work with each youth to identify goals and benchmarks for workforce success.  Some of our youth go to college on full scholarships, some enter the armed forces, while others work closely with their mentor to create a career roadmap to help them develop skills to be successful in a livable-wage job.



Drug Free Rates

85% of youth say that mentoring helped them to avoid drugs and alcohol.

In fact, research shows that mentored youth are 46% less likely to use drugs and 2 times less likely to develop high-risk behaviors. Many of our youth come from families surrounded by drugs, alcohol, or violence. We provide pro-social programming and prevention messaging to help our youth break the generational cycle of addiction.


Self Esteem

84% of mentored youth reported a higher level of self-esteem.

Last year, 948 Rutland County youth made a suicide plan!  On top of this, 44% of Rutland youth feel disconnected from their community. We work to change these statistics.  Mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them and that they matter.


Other Facts

There are a myriad of other facts proving the effectiveness of mentoring. As an evidence-based organization, we follow these studies closely, and whenever possible participate in them.

Think about the impact on our society, when you realize that 52% of mentored kids are less likely to skip a day at school, 55% are more likely to enroll in college, 78% are more like to volunteer, and 130% are more likely to be future leaders.

Mentoring not only impacts the youth who are being mentored, their families, and the mentors -- but everyone around us!

Mentoring Works!

Having fun changes lives
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