The Power of Relationships

We are proud to share this powerful study brought to you by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

The Power of Relationships: How and Why American Adults Step Up to Mentor the Nation’s Youth is the most comprehensive picture of what adults think about mentoring kids who are not their own. This is a follow-up to MENTOR’s 2014 report, The Mentoring Effect, which is the most comprehensive look at young people’s views on and engagement with mentoring. The goals?

  • Understand adults’ attitudes about mentoring young people outside their families and the role mentoring plays in America’s future
  • Inform strategies to drive investment of time, money, and energy in the mentoring movement

At a time when much of the focus is on what divides us, this study shows that there is something the majority of Americans agree on: mentoring relationships are powerful tools for connection and are critical to our country’s future. Americans are overwhelmingly crossing racial, economic, and other bridges to mentor young people outside their families.

This project was generously supported by funding from AT&T, which allowed us to not only explore questions related to national engagement in mentoring, but also ask more detailed questions about the role that employers play in connecting individuals to mentoring opportunities. We thank AT&T for making this work possible and for being a leader in growing the mentoring movement.


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